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EBS S.A. is the owner of laundry shops within the territory of Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine. Thanks to our unique know – how, market awareness, highly developed distribution network and knowledge about Central and Eastern Europe business issues, EBS is now a leader of laundry sector in this part of Europe.


Stories locations

There are 126 EBS stores in Poland, of which 11 stores are sub – franchise laundries. In Warsaw and its surroundings itself there are 28 EBS laundries at residents’ disposal.

EBS laundries are located in shopping centers in big cities, thereby providing the customers’ constant access to high – quality laundry services at affordable prices.

EBS Poland means 2 million customers per year and more than 5 million of laundered pieces of clothing.  

Site selection criteria

EBS stores do not require a lot of space (a typical laundry store’s surface is no bigger than 50 – 80 m2) and are located in high customer flow areas.

EBS stores locations are selected on the basis of the following factors:

  • The level of competition,
  • Site availability,
  • Expected profitability of laundry store,
  • The existence of potential target group of customers.

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What makes us stand out?

EBS laundries chain offers a wide and comprehensive range of laundering services, such as clothing laundry, household textiles laundry, shoes and leather garments cleaning and renovation. The range of services in EBS offer includes basic washing, acquasec, dry cleaning, ironing and specialized premium services (e.g. finishing treatment, impregnation, anti – allergen services).
The distinguishing feature of EBS laundries is the quality of the service provided. EBS applies the newest technological solutions and uses less aggressive chemicals, ensuring that the laundering service is more delicate for textiles, including buttons, fastenings, and applications.

EBS is all about the client and provides the shortest delivery time.  Our employees are professional experts with many years of experience within the sector, willing to help with their comprehensive advice on maintenance and protection of your fabrics and household linen.

EBS takes proper care about the environment where we all live. Therefore in the process of developing EBS pays particular attention to reducing effectively its impact on the environment, while the new laundering methods focus on eco – friendly technologies. The newest technological solutions allow to reduce water and energy consumption and waste production.


EBS to:

The technological and innovative market leader.

As the first on the market we introduced water cleaning service, known as AQUA DRY.


Our Customers’ satisfaction with the high quality services and customer service

is confirmed with the results of the independent research agency Ipsos, 2015.


Maximum availability and convenience of laundry services.

Attractive locations in the biggest shopping centers.


Unique services

The innovative service of cleaning shoes, Supercrease, cleaning and renovation of leather shoes, motor racing clothing cleaning.