Our mission is a constant striving to meet our Customers’ needs and expectations, while keeping our activities continually development – oriented.

We want our services, products, the quality of the customer service as well as professional management to be best possible rated.

We want to offer our customers human and eco - friendly technologies, and this is why we take care about the environment which surrounds them. In the process of development we attach great importance to effective methods of reducing our influence on the natural environment.

Thanks to the immense experience and constantly updated technical background that we have at our disposal, we want to fully explore the means we have to offer our Customers the services which will thoroughly satisfy their needs. We believe that thanks to our competency and innovative approach we succeed to make our Clients feel satisfied.


Since the beginning of our activity we have set the highest standards on the polish services market. We operate in the biggest cities of Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine and in the cities with the best development perspectives. In the immediate future we plan to enrich our portfolio of service facilities in attractive locations. The dynamics of development of our company is reflected, among other things, in: the number of new projects, the state of their progress and further development plans.

Over the next few years we are willing to entrench our leadership in the laundry market and strengthen our presence in casual dining field. In order to maintain the constant competitive advantage in our segments, we expect to undertake and carry out new investments both in Poland and foreign markets.

The important aspects of our strategy are the identification of attractive locations in early stage and the development of franchise model and agency model. In case of the laundry industry, keeping the status of the “first choice tenant” is an important element.

We aim to be as close to the Customer as possible.
We want to offer the content support, technical support, we want to create new solutions.
We care about strengthening the relationship and bonds within the organization.