About The Group

About The Group

EBS S.A. owns Poland’s biggest chain of professional laundries operating under the brand “pralnia EBS”, serving more than 1,4 million customers annually. The Group generates a turnover of around 65 million of PLN, laundering more than 3,3 million pieces of clothing per year. EBS provides the whole range of laundering services both for individual and business clients.

Laundry stores in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine are a part of the EBS Group and lead in their domestic markets. In 2014, thanks to the acquisition of three French restaurant concepts, the EBS Group became catering operator and in addition to laundering services, offers a part of its portfolio “casual dining” service, with a variety of cuisines. The restaurants Bistro Polskie serve around 1 million of customers annually reaching a turnover of more than 15 million of PLN. From December 2016 we own the network of fast food restaurants serving Thai food dishes. Thai Wok brand has been sustainably gaining popularity in Poland for over seven years now.

Currently, around 180 stores located in 4 countries of Central Europe operates under the EBS Group in 5 different concepts. The EBS group employs around 800 people within its structures (front office and back office), applying the best practices in staff management. The EBS Group – owned brands are perceived as leaders in their sectors, known for their outstanding professionalism, quality and the attractive offer. Keeping in with the principles of corporate culture and leadership vision, the EBS Group constantly develops employees’ skills at all levels of the company’s structure.


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There are currently about 160 stores in laundries chain located in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine, gaining their position of market’s leader thanks to: unique cleaning procedures, wide range of laundering services apart from standard cleaning, exclusive and innovative technical background. Professional and experienced staff together with clear and transparent pricing policy is another big asset in the market.  The structure of laundries chain, being a mix of franchise and private – owned units is an important aspect of its organization.


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EBS Group runs currently 25 restaurants within their catering network in different concepts: Thai Wok serving Thai food dishes and Bistro Polskie serving polish cuisine. Almost 160 of our qualified employees deliver daily dishes prepared from scratch, using fresh ingredients from verified suppliers.



  1. The combination of Partners’ complementary qualifications and experience.
  2. Stability, flexibility and management team’s commitment. Executives’ serious obligations towards the employees which converge on the team’s spirit and its commitment.
  3. Strong and healthy partnership with shopping centers.
  4. Relevant financial resources – banking partners.
  5. The willingness to undertake a determinate risk thanks to acquisitions strategy achievements.
  6. Right partners in the right place at the right time.
  7. Hard work and a bit of luck.

The EBS S.A. ambition is building up the Group’s values through the optimal use of intellectual and material resources as well as development programs implementation in trading and service sector.